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Sweetwater Farm’s 80 acres of cultivated land has been supplying the community for over 230 years. This farm started out in the 1700’s supplying wheat and beef for the Revolutionary War.  Through the generations, this farm has taken on many different hands and has produced products ranging from wheat to milk to lamb to maple syrup.

Operated as a dairy farm by the Coolidge family 1912-1978, the farm is now owned by the Davis Family and known as Sweetwater Farm — named after the sweet tasting water found here.

The mission of the farm is:

  • To keep farming as a viable and sustainable livelihood.
  • To grow and raise fresh, local, organic food for the surrounding community.
  • To teach and encourage people to learn about growing, enjoying, cooking and preserving food.  On the sustainable front, we have added solar panels to the barns that   supplies some of the farms energy all year and we are researching possible wind generators.


At Sweetwater, we practice intensive grazing of our cattle, moving them constantly across the pasture lands for the best health of the animals and grasses.  During the winter, the cattle enjoy sweet haylage and dry hay harvested from our certified organic hay fields. The goats will jump into the rotations here and there, especially to keep the edges and stone walls clear while the chickens seem to go where they want!

Not only do we take measures to make sure our animals receive the best care and health, but we are very aware of giving our hay fields and pastures what they need in order to be healthy as well. We see the farm as a sustainable cycle that we naturally maintain and are a part of.

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